How to connect shelly 2.5 to smarthub

Can somebody tell me how to connect Shelly 2.5 to smart hub

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I was able to connect the shelly 1 relay with a specific device handler but unfortunately with the 2.5 I still cannot control both channels

have you checked out the Shelly integration that was added to the new app today? not sure what devices are affected but worth testing

The classic app?

no, the new app

What is the new app?

There is the SmartThings Classic app (which will be phased out at some future date) and the new SmartThings app.

Is that the one installed in all samsung devices?

yes it is …

Wow I didn’t see that there was this new integration
I just tried it but at the moment it didn’t find any device
Maybe it’s because I have custom devices with the same ip address

I don’t know enough about the particular device. But you would probably need to remove it first and then connect it with the new integration. I would recommend contacting Shelly support and ask them. They manage the integration.

I give it a shot removing all custom devices and trying to search again but nothing was found. I will try to contact them

Any luck yet? The handler I was using worked even on the shelly 2.5 but I want to use in detached switch mode for a smart light bulb. I deleted my devices and connected to shelly cloud but nothing happens. No new device is found.

Nothing, still no device

Hello Mario

Can you explain how you have attach the shelly device to smartthings?

Anyway they removed it

Yes now doesn’t appear. Perhaps the are testing…

At first I used a DTH i found here in the forum, I think this:

Later I deleted this integration as I don’t want to control shelly via smarthings but just trigger some action when I click on a button where the shelly is attached and for that I used another method

Ok. Thanks for the info.

Shelly integration is back up and working now. I have my switches working through it. It only looks at and controls the relays though. So it will not let me use a detached switch which is what I want to use the Shelly for the most. To control smart bulbs without cutting the power to the smart bulb.