SmartThings isn't (Smart, that is) anymore. How does one install an existing Smart App for a device in new app?

(Richard) #1

Forced to new Smartthings app from classic by dead phone, roughly simultaneous with the forced Samsung account change. Not sure the whole sequence but between phone replacement and login change I couldn’t connect to anything.

Factory reset hub and reconnected to new Smartthings app not classic.

Have “GEN 1” Spruce Irrigation controller. Could get it to ‘drop’ old connection (Fn-16 on front panel) and put itself up for pairing (Fn-9 on panel). Shows up in new ST apps as a VALVE. A 16-zone smart irrigation controller with rain sensor and soil sensors, and it shows as an effing VALVE.

No way I can find to install the ‘smart app’ that used to be present in the old ST app for this device. I know Spruce has also moved on past ST with a new Wifi “GEN 2” that doesn’t require a hub at all. Maybe I should follow their example?

Seriously this is the most borked “upgrade” I’ve ever experienced in my life.

(jkp) #2

You can install the SmartThings Classic app on your phone and login to it with your Samsung account.


Do you mean smartapp or device type handler?

If it’s a custom smart app, you can install it by using the old classic mobile app and then it will run even when you are using the new connect app.

If it was a custom device type handler, it may need modifications before it can be used with the new app.

(Richard) #4

Thanks for answers so far. Reinstalled old app, and it can get in with Samsung account. Was able to reinstall Spruce Smart-App in Smartthings Classic and verify control of all zones after re-doing setup of everything.

NEW Smartthings app still just shows this as a “valve” with a single “on/off” toggle. (Showing “on” by the way, which is REALLY REASSURING with something connected to your water line…)
Nothing more. No smartapp controls, no schedule, no nothing.

Exactly what the blazing fecal channel fornication is the point of the new Smartthings app?

(Ron S) #5

You talking to me? :wink:


It’s the only way to get integration with Samsung smart televisions and appliances. :wink:

(Ron S) #7

Which is flaky. I tried on 17-18 model Samsung’s.

(Richard) #8

Old app didn’t fix my issues. I have only one graph, but because of the new app the sprinkler controller tells me its “waiting for an existing program to finish before starting” to run a watering cycle, thru the old app.

ST: done. Gone. Upgrading the Spruce - they have a unit that goes direct to Wifi with its own app now - but ST/Samsung infrastructure get nada more investment in time or money from me. Who wants to buy a 2015 ETH hub, cheap?