Smartthings v3 - Shelly 2.5 - Shelly Cloud Integration

Need help

I have Shelly 2.5 equipment for blinds

They are connected to the Cloud.

I have everything working on the Shelly app.

I have Smartthings v3 and use the 2 app.

I can login to the Shelly Cloud, but no device appears to me.

What am I doing wrong?


Contact Shelly. They own the integration.

Unclear if you mean you are using both apps or either the Classic or new app by themselves? You need the new ST app in order to add the devices from the Shelly integration.

I did a similar post two days ago, so I got in touch with Shelly developers.

  • They do say the problem is known and affects Shelly 2.5 as Roller shutter only
  • According to them, the issue is on ST level and they already contacted the ST team
  • No ETA for the fix so far

I have now integrated 6 Shelly relays into my SmartThings setup and have worked out the vagaries of setting up devices.

The 1st device you connect you need to add Shelly Cloud and if your lucky your device will show up immediately.
All subsequent devices don’t need adding. After setting up in the Shelly app you need to wait up to 12 hours for Smartthings to detect the new device.
It will appear in your devices as unassigned to a room, just add it and it will work.

Trying to force detection by reading Shelly Cloud often causes all devices to go offline so when the new device appears it can be controlled but not added to automations.

The key to adding new shelly devices appears to be patience.


I am thinking on buying Shelly 2.5 for ruller shutter but want to know if they can be integrated in the smartthings app?
Thank you,

Any update?