How to connect Schneider/Merten dimmer

Hi! I just recieved my samsung smartthings hub. So I am totally new regarding how this things works. I have never used z-wave before. But I want to learn. So sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.

So I have my hub, but havent recieved my lamps and sensors. But I have a schneider dimmerpuck in my kitchen with schneider connect buttons. On the dimmer it says ELJ507501. Wath I found on the net it should be z-wave? wohooo

Is it possible to connect this to the smartthins hub? And how do I do that? I have searched but couldnt find anything.

Can someone please explain in an easy way, step by step?

Hi Jonas,
Did you solve this issue. I am a beginner and have exactly the same challenge. Any help would be appreciated.
Best Regards

Those are distributed by Schneider, but they are actually made by Merten.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like anyone has them working with SmartThings yet. :disappointed_relieved:

See the following thread: