Change Aeotec Hub Network from Ethernet to Wifi

Hi Guys
The current location of my Hub is not ideal, I got a zigbee devices gap in my house and if I put the hub in the storage room I cant reach any device.
Thats why I want to change my Hub settings from Ethernet to Wifi and set the location some where between the gaps where only power is available
For a very strange reason I cant do that from the ST app.
Why is that? and how can I modify the network without losing my devices.

What model is your hub? (It’s probably listed on a label on the underside of the device.) :thinking:

If your hub is an Aeotec/V3 see below,

Setup with Wired/Ethernet connection but want WiFi

You may follow the steps below if you want to connect your Smart Home Hub to WiFi after you have finalized installation. It is always preferred to set up your hub using an Ethernet connection, and then connect it to WiFi afterward.

NOTE - In order for WiFi to become visible, you must remove power from your hub. Your hub must be marked as “Offline” before you continue these steps.


Disconnect power to your Smart Home Hub and wait for your hub to go “Offline”.

If you previously had your Smart Home Hub connected to Ethernet, make sure that you have the ethernet cable disconnected now.

Open SmartThings app

Locate the Hub in your SmartThings device list, if it isn’t listed “Offline” yet, wait for your hub to go offline.

Tap on the Hub tile to open up your hubs page.

Tap on More Options (3 dot icon) at the top right.

Tap on “Information”.

Tap on “Update WiFi information”.

Connect your Smart Home hub to power.

Regardless of the LED state at this point (blinking blue, solid blue, or other LED colors, push forward with step 10 (next step).

Press and hold the RESET button on the back of your hub, when the LED lights up yellow, release the reset button.

Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your WiFi.

Scan the QR Code / or manually input the SN code. (Both the QR Code or SN code are located under the hub). c

Press “Connect”

Select your WiFi and enter its password.

Info from how to setup Smart Home Hub : Aeotec Help Desk


Thanks guys.
Will the procedure suggested by Andrew
Keep my current Zigbee devices connected to the hub?

I did the same only last week and it went fine. One or two devices had to be added again but I lost nothing

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Thanks !
Its working :slight_smile: