How to be notified if leave stovetop burner on?

Recently got a Samsung gas stovetop. I’ve connected it to the SmartThings app but can’t figure out how to configure it so that I get notified if I’ve left a burner on. I navigated to “devices,” selected “stovetop” and all I see is current status of the burners. How do I turn on notifications for the stovetop so I know if I’ve left something on? Thank you in advance.

Do you have an automations option in your app? Maybe a tab along the bottom? If so, I suspect you can create an automation that will send you a text if your burner has been on for x minutes. If it works like other SmartThings devices, anyway. I have a SmartThings Hub and ZigBee and Z-Wave devices rather than a SmartThings appliance, so I’m just guessing here.