SmartThings Automations for Range & Timers

I am new to SmartThings. Just got a Samsung TV and Range. I was wondering if there is a way to set up notifications after a certain amount of time. Specifically, I saw I could set it to text me when the Cooktop on my range is on. This would be excessive but I thought it would be great if it texted me if the cooktop was on for more than 30 minutes. That way if it is left on or turned on automatically it could notify me. I didn’t see this option but was wondering if I missed it. Seems like a simple thing to add to the app.

Thanks in advance!

There’s no way to do it with the official features that I know of (I don’t know if there’s something special for the stove).

There are several ways to do it for most devices with custom code. Some are third-party paid apps and some are free. Again, I don’t know if all of these work with the stove or not, I don’t have any of the appliances. But here’s a community FAQ on the method:

FAQ: Get a Notification if Something is Left On, Open, or Unlocked for X Minutes (2020)