36 inch Smart Gas Cooktop

I need to replace my 36 inch gas cooktop and one of my must have features is the ability to get an alert if a burner is left on…

There are at least two ways to go about this…

  1. Find a gas cooktop that integrates into ST such as the Samsung models
  2. Get a gas cooktop that has LEDs indicating burner status and then hack into the cooktop to use the LED supply voltage to trigger an on/off status in ST.

I would rather avoid the latter but I am having a hard time finding alternatives to the Samsung cooktops. I am not a fan of the Samsung cooktops and on top of that they seem to have been released several years ago (relatively long ago for HA tech) so I’d hate to buy one just to see a brand new model be released soon after.


I’m curious what you want to do with smarts in a gas cooktop?

I want to eliminate the possibility of forgetting the burners on… I want to get alerts if the burners are on and no movement is detected in the area for X amount of time, or to get blaring alerts if we go to bed and the burners are on.

The only safety devices I find on gas cooktops is that if the flame goes out, it will either shut off the gas or reignite. This will prevent explosions but not fires in the event of a forgotten burner. On my local twitter feed from the fire department, it is pretty much the most common cause of fire… they call it “unattended cooking”.

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What about a temperature sensor in there?

I have a Dacor cooktop and I really like it and it integrates with ST

I had no idea that this was a “thing” yet. However, do you really want to spend $1,200 on a cooktop?

I was not familiar with their brand so I reviewed their offering but did not see any smart model. What model are you referring to?

Not really but it is still way cheaper than replacing a house… Dishwashers, washing machines and dryers can send you an alert when they are done… why not an alert that can save your house and family?

If I hack into the LED light saying the burner(s) are on, then it would be a really cheap solution. Trouble is, I would rather not have to do so for both reliability and liability concerns.

Also, for a less drastic example of why I would like this feature… I have two kids under 4 and under and my cooktop, I believe, has no safety mechanism of any type.

You could also do this externally with photoresistors as sensors. That’s what I do for my Washing machine. Although, I have not found a method that looks all that presentable. The LEDs are probably on some circuit board that wouldn’t be all that easy to hack into anyway. But if you did, you’d only have to run a line to an opticoupler in parallel with the LED. Then you’d be able to detect if it was on. You could even do all that with one opticoupler board.

That is how some cooktops detect when the flame goes out and shut off gas flow. To achieve that they have a thermocouple at each burner.

Trying to do the same from above would be much harder and prone to errors.

That was indeed what I was thinking… but I need to buy a cooktop anyway as mine doesn’t have any LEDs on it. IF I can find a reasonably priced one that supports this alert out of the box, even better.


Nice cooktop! I think I saw that model but I believe it only has Bluetooth so I moved on thinking it would only work up close or with accessories such as a Dacor hood vent (that is what Samsung uses BT for).

How did you integrate the cooktop into ST? Does it have its own BT hub that relays things to ST via ethernet?

I only integrated it once and the. Disconnected it because I didn’t need the ST integration.

It’s Wi-Fi. In the new ST app there is an option to add a Dacor cooktop.

There is a button underneath the top burner knob. You push that to start the integration. I can test it again tonight to make sure it works in the new app.

UPDATE 1-13-20 11:29pm PST

Ok. So I successfully added the Dacor cooktop to my ST. See screenshots below

As you can see, it shows when a burner is on/off. That Kitchen Timer thing doesn’t work. Not sure what it’s supposed to do. Maybe send you an alert on your phone?

I don’t really have anything i can incorporate with this integration but I suppose of you had an exhaust fan or some other devices in the kitchen, you could coordinate all of the. I just wanted to show you that it can be added to ST.

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If you want something that will make the Dacor look like a bargain, some of the Jenn-Air appliances are connectable via WiFi. They don’t make it easy to figure out which models have the feature, though.

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