Monoprice door/windows sensors pairing experience

(JC) #1

Hi Fellow Smarthings enthusiasts.

I come to you guys, to ask for help. I’m a newbie, working in medical field. I was able to install some of the switches but I had a hardtime in monoprice sensor. Well actually my hub/app accepted as Z-wave sensor but no luck it has no smartapps (no activity).
So if anyone could help step by step (sorry!) very appreciated. My monoprice sensors are sitting duck in my drawer.
Kindly teach me communicate or install the smart apps that they were posting.
Thank you so much.

(Anton Wallace) #2

Go here:
click "My devices"
click on the monoprice sensor under "Display Name"
Scroll to bottom. click "Edit"
Change type to “Z-Wave Door/Window” sensor
Click update.