Monoprice Z-wave Plus Door/Window sensor

Hi all,

Was able to get this paired up as a generic Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor, but I’m not getting battery status.

Has anyone build a custom device handler for the new monoprice z-wave plus devices?

Also looking for a device type for

I think the old Monoprice door/window sensor used to work with the device handler below so the new one might too, but I haven’t tested it.

If it does work, please let me know so I can add it to the list of devices it works with.

Edit: Make sure you open the device to wake it up before switching device handlers so that the configuration will run immediately.

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Will try and report back

Works great with the open/close sensors. Recessed sensors only show open state (won’t show closed)

The open/close sensor is sold under multiple names, but it’s essentially the same product which is why the DTH works for all of them.

The recessed sensor is a completely different device and it most likely uses different commands so it makes sense that it doesn’t work.

If at some point I get one of those sensors I’ll most likely adjust the DTH so that it works with both devices or create a new DTH for it, but it’s low on my shopping list.

The ST “Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor” dth works fine. I have two of the recessed monoprice sensors working well with this dth.

I wonder if the batteries that came with mine are dead. I don’t have any extras to test with but close to the hub I can get this to work, but beyond about 15 feet it stops. Battery is reporting at 70% (but it’s supposed to be brand new). There is a zwave light switch right near the door where I was testing it which should have acted as a repeated though.

After installing the sensor, do a network Z wave repair (My Hubs -> View Utilities -> Repair Z-Wave network)

subscribed… I just added 3 of these sensors (although 1 is already RMA’d for not being able to complete the security key handshake). Not sure how to confirm if they are connecting to @krlaframboise DHL [RELEASE] GoControl Door/Window Sensor, Motion Sensor, and Siren DTH or just using the ST Default DHL??

If anyone has insight on this, I’m listening.

@fireheadman you can check in the web IDE for each device and change if necessary.