How to add Door sensor for Ultraloq Z-Wave Fingerprint Smart Lock

I got this Ultraloq z-wave fingerprint smart lock, it has door sensor which can be added to the lock through Ultraloq original App. When paired with SmartThings App, I can only lock and unlock, there is no door sensor control.
Do I have to do somethings else to make this door sensor online in SmartThings App, please help me.

Hello Community:

I am looking for an Edge Driver for this Ultraloq Pro Zwave Smart Deadbolt. Here is the devices information:

It is made by U-TEC. Here is the data from the Groovy IDE:

Help greatly appreciated.

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Hi, I am also looking for edge driver on the ultraloq zwave lock. Has anybody created or added this to the zwave lock driver?

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zhongxiang_pan - You control this lock with the U-Tec App.

I also want my z-wave/smartthings ultraloq to fully work! Why hasn’t the door sensor been added yet? I can’t integrate u-tec app w smartthings, so it’s currently useless!