U-Bolt WiFi compatibility with SmartThings

Hi, can anyone confirm U-Tec’s Ultraloq U-Bolt WiFi (NOT the Pro version) works with SmartThings? I was going to get the August WiFi Smart Lock but decided to go with Ultraloq instead. I need routines to be triggered based on lock status and don’t want to spend money to buy something that won’t work. Thanks!

Since you mentioned August … They are having a sale until Nov. 29th with some nice discounts. :slight_smile:

The only model on the compatibility list is the pro. You should contact the lock manufacturer and ask them, since they are responsible for the integration. :thinking:

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Yeah I saw that too that’s why I am asking here hoping someone owns one and using it with SmartThings.

I am not using the Wifi version so I cannot comment about its ability to integrate with ST. As mentioned by JDRoberts, the only device indicated as “supported” in the ST app is the U-Bolt Pro UB01.

I use the U-Bolt Pro (Z-Wave) along with the ULTRALOQ Bridge, Wi-Fi Adapter for Remote Access. The Ultraloq Bridge allows you to unlock, share eKeys to your guests for scheduled access, and view access logs from anywhere, (NOTE: the guest access and scheduling features are performed within the UltraLoq Utec app).

Integration with SmartThings is limited. You can unlock and lock the door and use the lock status in routines to get notifications if the lock opens. But you cannot add or manage lock codes within the ST app. Which means you can get notifications that the door was unlocked but not who unlocked it. Lock management must be performed in the Utec app. So if full compatibility with SmartThings is your goal I would suggest you look for another lock.

Here is an article I found on the U-Tec site that you may find interesting. It attempts to explain the difference between U-Bolt ,U-Bolt Pro and Bolt Series.

I have my lock connected with both Z-Wave, via the lock, and WiFi, via the bridge. As a result, I have two devices displaying in my ST app. Both devices display Lock State and Battery status. The Z-Wave Lock battery status displays 100% whereas the connected bridge device tile shows what I believe to be the actual battery level of the lock mechanism at 80%. The Z-Wave lock is connected with the stock “Z-Wave Lock” SmartThings driver. The bridge is connected with no assigned edge driver.

I produced a video on the U-Bolt Pro Z-wave Fingerprint Lock if you are interested in viewing it for more insight. I do not discuss the Wifi Bridge in the video as I added subsequent to my video to enable remote access.

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Thanks for sharing the article. It states SmartThings integration is enabled so looks like I should be good.

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I’m glad you were able to get the lock connected Thomas! :+1:

Actually, I haven’t bought it yet as I am waiting for possible Black Friday deal. I just didn’t want to buy it and then find out I cannot connect it to SmartThings.

You are very wise to wait. There should be some decent deals upcoming!