Missing Smart Home Monitor in Classic App

Current setup is using Konnected with a SmartThings V3 Hub, ActionTiles(on a Fire tablet) with the Classic App. I was troubleshooting some false positives on a door as a siren was going off even though it was only set to notify via IOS notifications. During the process of troubleshooting, I decided to remove everything from the SmartThings website including hub, location etc…I also reset the hub.

After setting everything back up, I was missing Smart Home Monitor in the app. I opened a ticket with Samsung and they told me to not use the Classic App and use the new one. Unfortunately, that means I can’t use ActionTiles or have a way to use some sort keypad.

I have gone as far as creating a brand new account and setting everything back up, but the Smart Home Monitor dashboard item is still missing. It’s as if I the module was on your account from a previous setup, it would stay there, but anything new and it’s gone.

Anyone have any other ideas so I can get this back in the Classic App?

They no longer allow new installs of Routines or SHM since they are beginning to migrate people from Classic to the new app. But you should be able to install Action Tiles and other smart apps just fine using the new app.

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Yea, true, but action tiles along with all other smartapps can’t get the state of the new StHM. So it breaks his integration if he was using the SHM Tile in Action Tiles. That is sad news for allot of folks that depend on that integration.

I believe they opened up the ability for devices to interact with the new StHM in the new app in one of the recent releases. You may need to create some virtual devices or use location mode to let Action tiles see the status of the new StHM.

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I use virtual devices on my SharpTools panel to control STHM.


Thanks for the replies! I was losing my mind when I first open up the Classic App and you can see the Home Solutions dialog box, but it quickly disappears. I’ll start researching virtual devices and how to get that to work.

I also use SHM Delay 2.0 and it says it works, but it wasn’t working either, so I need to look into that as well.

It does, just follow the directions and make sure that you set it up using the classic app. There is a bug in the new app that corrupts the profiles in SHM Delay 2.0.

Ok, great. I’ll keep at it to see if I can get it to work.

Is there a way to setup SHM Delay 2.0 without SHM in the SmartThings Classic App? I’ve been using SHM Delay for over a year with no issues. I had a SmartThings hub crash and had to setup 83 devices and all automations manually in a new hub. Long story, but through the process of troubleshooting/trying to resolve issues getting SHM Delay to work again, I uninstalled the ST Classic App and reinstalled…now SHM is not an option to reinstall in the Classic App. I believe this is preventing SHM Delay from working in new STHM in new ST App.

Go to the main SHM Delay 2.0 thread and towards the bottom of the thread, there are instructions on how to use virtual switches to get SHM Delay working with STHM. I wrote those instructions. I have seen others say they got it to work. I “kind of” got it working myself but I found it to be a little flakey at times. Honestly, not being able to get SHM Delay working in the new app was one of the many reasons I moved 100% of my devices and rules to Hubitat. Sorry I can’t be of more help to you.

Thanks Steve. I will look for those instructions. I am researching Hubitat to see if I want to make the jump. I’m still recovering from setting up 83 devices on ST…not sure I am ready to learn something new and do it again!

While looking, make sure to check to make sure your devices are compatible. The biggest hurdle I found was that the consensus among the HE community is that most bulbs (except Sengled) and Sylvania/Osram stuff needs to be on its own zigbee network. So, of you have these devices, you need to have a plan to accommodate these devices. I have mine on a Lightify gateway. It works alright but not perfect. I may end up putting these devices on a 2nd HE hub. Overall, I’ve been very happy with HE. It’s very fast. Mine has been running now for 5 months. If you have any questions feel free to PM me on here or in the HE community under the same name.