How to add a testing account

Is it possible to somehow increase testing persons? Now only the developer can test the Smart App integration.

You can create an organization in the SmartThings platform and add the email as a member.
However, the “organization” concept is a work in progress in the platform and you can’t remove members directly, you would need to make a request to which takes some time.

An alternative to avoid adding/deleting members is creating an account for members, including it in your org, and changing the credentials in case you want to revoke their access.

To create the organization, you need to click on “partner with us” in the ST developer’s portal and there should appear the option to enroll or create one.

The person who created the company for the Developer Workspace will not see the company name in the SmartThings App. He logged into the SmartThings App with the same account with which the company was created. What must be done in order for him to be able to test the device integration?

Now only the developer can test the device.

The organization only appears on the Developer Workspace. The ones that appear in the app are certified devices from published brands.

For other members of the organization to test the integration make sure:

  1. The SmartApp Connector is created in the organization workspace, not the private one. You can identify where’s your project here:
  2. The user has enabled the Developer Mode
  3. Go to “Add device” > My testing devices > find the connector’s name

Got it working, thanks.

As you mentioned, the only one that can edit the project is the owner (this includes publishing it), so, take this into consideration.