How to invite developers or testers into an organisation?

I am the admin of the organisation and I would like to invite some developers or testers into the organisation. How can I do it?

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To add a new developer, you need to follow these steps:

Note: Please check the “Details about working with organizations” below before making any changes

  1. Developers must enter the developer portal and click on “partner with us”.
  2. Select the option of “enroll to an organization” and enter the corresponding MNID

Details about working with organizations
The organizations in the SmartThings platform are a work in progress. These are some things you need to consider when working with a team:

  1. Only the owner of the project can modify it. In the case of device integrations, the ability to publish the projects is also restricted to the owner.
  2. The ownership of the project cannot be transferred
  3. A developer can belong only to one organization and making changes in the organization members can take a while, so please enroll them carefully
  4. The organization admin cannot edit a project that he/she doesn’t own
  5. We suggest you create a generic account (Eg. and add it to your organization. This way, you can simply change the account credentials when a developer leaves your company, so they stop having access.
    Using the generic account to create the projects in the Developer Workspace will allow your team to collaborate on all of them.

Please, let me know if you have any questions

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I have an issue with developers adding devices.

  1. Followed the steps to enroll in an organization with the corresponding MNID.
  2. Admin / Owner approved the request.
  3. Sign in to Smart Things App using the developer’s email. e.g.
  4. Enable Developer Mode
  5. Add Device using “My Testing Device”
  6. Test Projects showed up
  7. Tap on one of the projects, should redirect to my OAuth Page
  8. Couldn’t add device: A network or server error occurred. Try again later

I have tried to reinstall ST App, and clear the cache but it only works with the admin/owner account. e.g.

Is that test project in the Organization workspace or the private workspace? If the last, it’s suggested that you start a new project from the developers’ account.


Also, only the project owner can modify or publish it.

Yes, the test project is in Organization’s workspace.