Step Zero

Hi folks,

I’m a bit confused with the accounts that I’ve had to create just to reach this forum.
[1] There is one account to associate my physical devices (hub, switches, sensors, …) with the SmartThings app on my mobile phone.
[2] There is another account to get into the [Build SmartThings] site.
[3] There is yet another account to access the developer tools.

What exactly ties them all together? Is it the email address? I happen to use different email addresses for [1] and for [2, 3]. Should I go back to square one and recreate accounts for [2, 3] using the same email address for [1]?

Under “Developer Tools”, there are “My Hubs”, “My Devices”, etc. I’m guessing these are for creating virtual devices for testing. Is this correct? Or are they also for importing physical devices into the IDE for programming? In order to create one of these things, I have to enter "Zigbee Id’ or “Device Network Id”. Where do I get these IDs?


Hi there,

[1] and [3] should actually be the same thing, [2] is separate. At some point it would be great if we had a single-sign on sort of feauture but we have not had a lot of time to integrate all accounts into that.

As for the second question about how to use “My Hubs” and “My Devices” … Those are for raw access to the device information. They shouldn’t need to be modified and should be set correctly when the device joins (whether for real devices or for virtual devices, that should be set correctly).To create real devices, you just need to join them the normal way through the app. To create virtual devices, you should do it from within the IDE.

Make sense?