How should I delete a location

My V1 hub died in February so I bought a V3 hub, created a new location called Home V3 and moved all of my devices to it. I also had to copy and rebuild all of my WebCoRE pistons. I stopped using the classic app and have only used the new app since then. Now I’d like to delete the old location but I’m concerned I may be missing important info as how best to do that.

That said, does anyone have any advice on this? Can I just go into the IDE and deleted the old location? Are there any best practices or potential pitfalls? Given the amount of time and work it took to migrate to the new hub, I don’t want to make assumptions and end up screwing things up. Thanks for any insight anyone can provide.

You can manage the location from the new app. Select the location from menu, then click on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and select Manage location.