Upgrade V2 to V3

I’m doing something wrong. I added a new location for my new V3, but my hub is not connecting to it.

Thinking I’ve setup something wrong, gone back into groovy to delete all the smartapps and devices from the old location. So in groovy that old location looks empty, but I can’t delete that location.

I’m basically trying to default my account at this point to reinstall the new hub and my old devices. Any suggestions?

You need the STSC app to initially set up the v3 hub. You will likely need to change to the new location after logging in.

To delete an empty home location, login to IDE using an incognito/private tab in your browser at https://account.smartthings.com

Edit the new location and set it as default. You should be able to delete the old location.

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Make sure the location you are trying to delete is not the default location in the IDE.

Log in to the IDE. Go to My Locations. Select the location you are trying to delete. Select the Edit button. Second field is default location. Should be false, if it is true you will not be able to delete that location. If you only have one location you will not be able to change it from true.