Removing location in migration to v2 hub not working

Hi all,

I started my migration from v1 to v2 hub 6 days ago. The instructions ( asked me to delete all my apps and disassociate all my devices so I did. The next step is to delete my location.

The instructions say, this action may fail for some users. For assistance with Location deletion or any other steps that give you trouble, email

Unfortunately, it did fail for me. I get an error occurred message on the mobile app and an error 500 on the web ide. I sent a note to both migrationhelp@ and support@ with no reply yet for 6 days. I’m sitting here with a disassembled network and no response from smartthings.

Is anyone else having this issue? Any ideas about how to make progress on my situation?

Thanks so much for your help!

I haven’t migrated yet, but I assume you should be able to setup your new v2 location even while your old one is in limbo. Should be able to get new hub in its own location, use it to start general exclusion and remove/add all devices. Eventually support should be able to delete your old v1 location from the backend.

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There is no reason to delete the location for Hub V1. Unless you are giving Hub V1 away. I am having both running without problem. Just leave the old location alone and continue setting up your Hub V2. I find it’s much easier for setting up Smartapps and everything else with both running. Not sure why they wanted us to delete everything for Hub V1.

it seems you do need to delete any THING you want to move to v2 tho right?

That’s depend on what Thing you are trying to move over. GE link bulbs, peq motion sensors…etc you don’t have to delete. Just reset the device itself. Of course that could be confusing to have ghost devices at the old location but not having to remove all the associated smartapps or crap out hub 2 might be work keeping for now.

I have to say I’m not loving the hand holding provided by ST Support (migrationhelp@ and support@) during this period. Anyone home?

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Zigbee should be able to be moved just by resetting them.
Zwave has to be excluded and removed from the network

I’m having the same issue. I’m not able to add the new hub or remove the old one. No contact from migrationhelp@ :frowning:

We are swamped right now and can only humbly ask for your patience. Best thing to do is still reach out to support. It is all hands on deck right now and we’re responding to everyone as soon as we can.