How many people use jet .com for smart products

I have been reading reviews about jet .com and allot of people complain about products that were not the same as listed or arrived broken. I was wondering if all you jet .com people have experienced this also. Prices seem to be pretty good on some of the home automation items. I would hate to drop a bunch of money and not get what I paid for. How it’s the return process, reliable?

I didn’t buy a smart product, but I did buy my router there and had no issues. In fact, I even waived the return option to save a few bucks.

At work, we recently used Jet to buy some Otterboxes for our phones and received everything we asked for. They are the right model and were a great price.

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Yea I had been thinking about it for awhile. But @rpittser got me looking again. Just didn’t know that s topic like this belonged under a deal topic

A single post recommending them for a specific deal would fit in the Deal topic. This more general discussion would likely not. :slightly_smiling:

My own experience with was negative, but it was soon after they started and I haven’t bothered trying again.

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Never used them to buy smart products, but have bought other things from them in the past and not had any issues.

I bought a smart lock through them. When it arrived, the manufacturers box that contains the lock was the only thing it was shipped in, it was not put in a separate box to be shipped in like Amazon does. And the box arrived wide open, because it was not even taped. They could have at least put the shipping label across the box top so it wouldn’t open, but they put it off to the side. Now, I bought it through Jet, but it came from a third party. I don’t know if that is common or not, but that’s what I got. I returned the lock, but I put it in a shipping box (Amazon tape all over it.)

Sorry for posting about this in the wrong place, I guess I still have to learn all the common conventions. I honestly have not ordered from yet, but obviously do plan to so I will let you know how it goes.

You didn’t post in the wrong place.
I was just saying I thought my question needed to be under a different category instead of just a reply to yours.
Your post just got me thinking about Jet again.
Wondered if those reviews online still rang true about the kind of business jet does.


This, Your initial post had reason to be in the deals thread, but the subsequent discussion should be held elsewhere like this thread =D

This is common for Jet.
They have a large network of suppliers they can utilize for drop-shipping packages, rather than maintaining their own warehouse and shipping items themselves.
This allows for a much lower overhead (less staff, no massive warehouses, etc) and allows them to undercut Amazon’s prices.