Website to purchase from?

Hey everyone. A while back there were a few popular sites to purchase smart home equipment from at decent prices. I can’t remember there names. Can anyone point me in the right direction? It’s been over a year since I’ve had need to add anything to my setup but need some bulbs now. Any sites recommend is appreciated

If you are referring to the cheap Chinese stuff…

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No. It was name brand stuff. They just had decent prices and the entire site was dedicated to smart home products. ?


Jkp yes that’s it! You would think that would have been easier to recall. Getting old sucks. Lol

Anyone have recommendations on the best place to purchase bulbs?

There’s an FAQ for retailers in the Deals section of the forum:

List of Home Automation Retailers

Thanks JD!

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For bulbs, I’ve found Sengled on Amazon to be good. On sale or in packs brings them to about 7 bucks a piece. Fyi they are not repeaters though.

3 years and 200+ devices and bulbs are the only thing that gives me trouble. Go with a wall switch, plug in module or receptacle if you can.


Now that I think of it the Sengled bulb I have has never been reset in almost 2 years. The LIFX, Hue, GE link, and Cree go off line every cpl months. Cree comes in 2nd for stability on my system.

The EcoSmart BR30 and A19 bulbs I got from Home Depot have performed really well for me in the 3 months I’ve been using them. I have them in a SmartLighting automation controlled by a motion sensor, and they are in an area of the house where they get triggered over 2 dozen times a day. They’ve never had an issue or needed a reset at all.

And they are very cheap - $5 each (2 for $10) for dimmable, changeable color temperature bulbs. I’ve not had issues with the repeater, either (noting that mine are powered on always).

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I would like to help you, but I don’t know how