Ecobee 3 on $200.55 + coupon = 170.55 pre tax - free shipping

Have you shopped at yet? Can you share your experience?

I wouldn’t be too anxious to jump on that one. No experience with Jet, but even after their coupon ( I am assuming you are talking about their 15% off anything sale, not an actual coupon ) it is only $10 less than Amazon. You know they will be on sale this month.

I looked at both amazon 183/185 deals, and they are not sold by amazon either, so plus shipping plus tax. one seller is a new store, other seller 1 star only.

I can vouch for jet, I’ve shopped a lot there and they have great customer support.

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Ya. What’s up with that seller on AMazon? They supposedly have a bunch of HA stuff for much less than everyone else, but they’ve sold only one thing and the customer gave them a 1 star review. I won’t touch that. Smells fishy. is owned by Walmart (recently acquired). It is their foray into competing with Amazon.

I knew that much which gives me a feeling of confidence, plus there prducts are not sold as used which are some of the AWD. I think 170. for ecobee 3 is a pretty good deal.

and of course, i took too long. deal is gone. -_-

Sorry I missed it. I’ve bought from Jet with no problem. I have a lot of Jet Cash as well, which is great. I book all my travel on and use the Jet Anywhere program to get 14% back. I’ve used the jet cash to buy a bunch of things and never had a problem. I need another Ecobee3 and would have jumped on it too.