Trouble Ordering SmartThings in Canada

I have recently placed two orders for SmartThings items to be delivered to me in Canada, direct from the store.

I have a live chat with Support for the first one, a month ago, and they found that the automated shipping notification did not trigger. They poked it, and I got my email, and three weeks later my shipment arrived.

This second time I kept more of an eye on it. The order went through on 26-Oct, along with the money from my credit card. Then, nothing for two days. I raised a support ticket and Auston said he was looking into it, but I heard nary a peep from anyone. So Friday 30-Oct I asked on live chat, and Chris confirmed that there was an issue between order processing and shipping, and that he was expediting the shipment for me. I thank him and go off happy. Cut to today, 03-Nov, and I still have no email, no shipping confirmation, nothing. I get on live support and Eric confirms the order “should ship sometime this week”, and that he “believe[s] the delay has to do with you being in Canada”, and that “there are certain procedures for shipping internationally”, “such as customs”.

He gave me a tracking number - I still have no official email - and said “I recommend buying our products from Amazon” because “they have a much better shop interface” and “are great at logistics and shipping”. Eric could provide no other information other than a vague suggestion that shipping internationally is a problem. Chris, on Friday, simply stated that there was a glitch between the ordering and shipping processes, and I jokingly suggested they work on the scheduled job issues first.

So, anyone else had any issues ordering to Canada?

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I have only ordered a couple of items from ST and neither of them were any problems to speak of. It took a long time to get but that is mostly because it can sit in the customs office for days (weeks?). is great (cheapest shipping rate, fastest proccessing) if the product you want will ship to Canada. Most HA products will not.

Most of the time I end up buying from Smartest House simply because 1) cant get it in Canada 2) wont ship it to Canada 3) Want it bad enough to pay the high shipping costs.

Have you had any dealings with AARtech at all? I’ve got a set of Aeotec stuff I want to order from them for my next wave.

I dream of a day when I can walk into a store and buy what I need without thinking of shipping and conversion rates and not having to bug anyone to forward me my package. I doubt it will happen.

I had a good experience with AArtech, look for their promotion codes for free shipping and discounts.

Home Depot is beginning to pick up a lot of HA merchandize, mostly lights though. They have Wink hub now for $100, I don’t know what they are thinking.

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I haven’t had any issues ordering from the SmartThings shop to Ontario. Most come within 2 weeks. For other stuff, I tend to order from and just have them ship to Ccanada. I can almost always find a seller with international shipping.

I know sometimes the shipping of batteries can delay things, but I haven’t really found this to be an issue either. Placed 4 orders from SmartThings without issue.

I’ve had no issues with my past orders but I did just do another one recently so I will bear in mind there are issues as of late. Still waiting as one of the items said backorder :frowning:

No issues to Ontario. Just placed my second order a month ago and received the package as expected. Would love to use amazon for other products but they are usually way overpriced(such as ZSMOKE )or cant find it on the Canadian site (but its on the american one).

My orders have been good every time. You won’t find ZSMOKE in Canada as it’s not UL approved for here.
They don’t care if the White House burns down again :wink: Oh no he didn’t.

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Does anyone know of a location in Canada where you can get the SmartThings Hub. I’ve looked on Amazon and they are out to lunch and this post has made me leery of wording it through SmartThings store. They say that you can get them through the Microsoft stores but they don’t list them.

Nowhere in Canada, direct from ST or Amazon is the only legit source I know of.