How long for Samsung Support to respond to an issue?

Just Curious. I put one in Monday 10 Dec and did not receive any response (so I thought). I put in another ticket for the same issue (not knowing I did get an automated response, my bad). Short question how long before they actually address issue?


did you contact Samsung support or SmartThings support? SmartThings still has support channels separate from Samsung. The SmartThings one is much faster IME.

It was Smartthings support, I got an email from Samsung (auotmated).


if you contacted then that would be who I usually contact. You can call if you need a faster response.

It seems to be particularly slow right now:

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it can take months, and most likely will be worthless answer on a level of “restart your hub”.
in addition to useless regular support, I had 2 escalated tickets to tier 3 and never got any answers.