How long does support take to respond?

I had a multipurpose sensor die after 2 hours of use. Battery showed 100% then was dead. A new battery wouldn’t revive it. I opened a support ticket 10 days ago and haven’t heard anything back yet. Is support usually this slow?

Calling by phone might get a faster response vs using email to contact them. Opt to have them call back and that way you don’t have to hang on the phone for an extended period.


It always slows down a lot once the Black Friday sales start through the first week of January or so. Just lots of first time users calling in. :disappointed_relieved:

I agree a callback is usually the fastest way to get a response.


I submitted two request weeks ago. I’m still waiting on a response.


Just in case this info is useful for others, it took 12 days for first response and 6 days for a follow up response. They are going to ship a new sensor to me.

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Going on a month. One response 2 weeks after opening asking if the issue was still happening (it is) and nothing since. Tired of this crappy support and unstable platform.