Can't Get Support Response

Had 6 weeks on a Multipurpose Sensor with normal operation before it failed to respond to door openings/closing. First created a ticket to request troubleshooting advice. When that ticket remained unanswered for three days, created second ticket to request RMA for return/replacement. After a week, both tickets remain acknowledged and unanswered. How can I arrange for warranty replacement of a sensor?

We usually help each other troubleshooting devices and apps on the forum, so you may be set to return it, but if you decide to keep it, have you taken the battery out for 15 sec and then put it back in?

Yes - did that and reported the step in my first ticket. Thanks for the thoughtful response.

Ok what kind of sensor it is? And are you done with it or would like to make it work?

If this is the smartthings multi sensor, I had the same happen to me, the temps , vibration battery were still reporting, but the open close wasn’t. I Just ran through reset procedure and rejoined to the network

This is the multipurpose sensor and it operated normally for several weeks - i.e., it was setup correctly. As reported in this thread, the battery was removed and replaced. I did not disjoin it from the hub but will try that. Independently, I’m troubled that I can’t receive a reply from support - especially since the device is well inside the warranty period.

It’s the multipurpose sensor purchased in mid-November, 2015 and I would prefer to make it work as I have had no success in reaching support to request a RMA.

Ok, did you reboot your hub (press the red button on the back). Then your next best chance is just rerun the ‘connect new thing’ . If that doesn’t do it, then reset the device and reconnect to hub. And if nothing works, at least you know is broken and must be returned. I have several of these and I haven’t experienced anything like what you’re going through in a year or so. With mine, taking the bateries out brings them back to life.

Actually healing the zigbee mesh takes more than just rebooting the hub. You’ll need to power cycle the hub for min 15 min (take bateries and disconnect the power and let it sit).

Would running the Repair Z-Wave Network utility do the same thing?

No. That only repairs the Z-Wave network.


I followed the advice of Support after receiving email contact and that - together with a new battery - restored full functionality. The battery that shipped with the device was potentially defective.