How do you set up Tasker to wake your tablet when you walk up to it

I’m building an in wall setup with smarttiles or sharptools. I’m wanting to be able to walk up to my tablet and it wakes up using the camera. I have seen others say they did this with Tasker but I can find any instructions. Any help would be appreciated.


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Haven’t tried it but been thinking about it as well.

This is what I use. Been working great for a year.

This is the camera motion app

This is the plugin so you don’t have to pull your hair with tasker,881328/download.html

Only downside is that it won’t detect in total darkness. I don’t know if there is an app that could do that with camera detection.


It looks like Bradley and Ray have you covered with using Motion Detector with Tasker.

SmartTiles users in other threads have also recommended the same method:


We use a tablet as a photo frame (among other uses) in our kitchen. The tablet is in a dock that is plugged into an in-wall z-wave receptacle. I have a motion sensor that will turn on the receptacle if motion is detected. The tablet is set up to wake when plugged in. Everything is set up with standard features available in Android 5.0. I used to mess around with Tasker, AutoVoice, DayFrame, etc, but found it too much of a hassle to keep everything working the way I expect. With the current setup the tablet wakes up whenever the motion sensor sees motion, and almost immediately starts showing pictures using the standard Daydream feature in Android. I haven’t touched the system since initial setup.


Wow Dan, that’s an awesome idea. You just solved my problem with darkness detection.

thanks everyone for the help

@Dan999 just curious how well this keeps the battery charged. I am thinking more of having it as a controller using smarttiles.

Just thinking through it, the majority of the time it would be off (not charging), then when we walk in, it turns the outlet on waking the device, but then it would only be on (charging) for a minute or two. I would think this would end up in the tablet dying frequently.

Maybe just have the outlet toggle off and back on as the wake? so it would be charging all the time and still wake.

Another thought I had is, maybe using a night vision camera (like a foscam) + tinycam motion detection + tasker. Seems kind of convoluted and not sure how reliable it would be but would do night vision and i already have all the required pieces

Or just do the inverse and when the motion sensor senses motion (whaaaaaat?!) then switch OFF the outlet so the tablet loses power?

Our tablet is pretty much at 100% charge all the time. So it obviously charges well even with the screen on. It’s also switched on a lot, as the kitchen is the hub in the house. Our system is set to keep the tablet on for 10 minutes after motion stops. It may be possible for the tablet to discharge if we’re gone for several days, but that’s no big deal for us. Especially since we normally take the tablet with us on vacation.

I had initially used Tasker and a SmartThings HTTP endpoint to turn on the outlet when the battery hits 20%, and turn it off again when the battery hits 100%. And then tried to use Dayframe to get the photo display. But this never worked to my satisfaction. When I switched over to the current setup I had continued to run Tasker to make sure the battery doesn’t run out, but as it never happened, I deleted Tasker. If this was my alarm panel, I may have been more concerned with keeping the battery charged.

If one finds that the battery does run out, one can still use Tasker to turn on the outlet until the battery is charged. Or run the outlet on a schedule during the night. There are many ways to skin the cat :).

I’ve basically gotten tired of all the rube goldberg solutions that takes a lot of tending to make work and keep working. I now go for as simple as possible.

You can do this with the motion detector app as described in the video with a few changes.

In the profile the intent you need to detect is this. It has changed since the video was made. You are going to want to set up the profile to trigger the task that I linked to below. This is how I have my hallway tablet going.


Then create a task with the instructions at this link


If you want a solution that uses an existing motion sensor, contact sensor, or other device from your SmartThings setup to wake your tablet (and leaves the outlet on all the time), you could use Tasker + SharpTools.

With SharpTools, you can subscribe to an attribute of a SmartThings device and react to changes in Tasker. So in your example, you could subscribe to the motion attribute of the motion sensor, then use the SharpTools “Thing State” event plugin in Tasker to react whenever the motion attribute changes.

Let me know if you want more information on this approach… here’s an article I wrote explaining the first part about reacting to things like motion sensors or contact sensors:


Hi all…

Borrowing/hijacking this thread.

I am trying to get one of the $50 Kindle fires to to automatically turn on and unlock based on motion.

I rooted it and installed the Play Store - Tasker, Motion Detector, Nova Launcher, Secure Tools and FireFox (run smart tiles) are installed.

I’ve got Motion detector + tasker turning on the screen with the action:

Add Action (+) – Plugins…Secure Settings
Configuration:Wake Device
Wake Type: Screen & Keyboard Lights On
Duration: 1 Second

But I can’t seem to figure out what to do next. I’ve tried following this link, but my Kindle fire doesn’t have the “Active Display System Process” task to kill

I’ve also tried following this - but it only turns the screen on, no unlock.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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I have my wall tablets (Galaxy tap 7.0’s) wake up on motion. But why unlock? I have just disabled the lock screen entirely from the tablets settings

I might be really, really dense, but I cant find anything like that in the settings (Fire OS). I think because of the Kindle’s lock screen ads, they removed the ability to turn on the lock screen off.

dont know about the Kindle fire, i’ne never used one, but its possible they removed the option on the settings GUI, if that is the case, then potentially something like No Lock should help. im not 100% sure but i would think that should work

I use “Keep Screen On Free” for Fire OS:

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So, I’m finally getting around to doing this. I have motion detector, and Turn Screen Installed. I enabled turn screen. I can hear the audio notifications that motion detector is detecting motion, but its not waking the screen.

What steps do I do to get everthing to talk to each other? Do I also need tasker? I thought turn screen removed this need?

Can someone show me where to get this turn screen plugin. Every link seems to send me to spots to download other things


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