How do you set up Tasker to wake your tablet when you walk up to it

Ahh, so you’re just using motion detector + tasker to dim your screen and brighten it back up based on movement?

Are you using a scene as well? Or just the Profile + Actions part?

I spent a lot of time trying to figure this out, but everything seemed to assume I had just a little more knowledge than I actually did. I followed these directions step-by-step on my old Galaxy Note 10.1, and it worked fine.

The only note, which is probably obvious to everyone but me, is that in step 12, it says “repeat step 11”. You actually want to repeat steps 8-11.

Yes. I’m using stock Fire OS but avoiding the log out and subsequent advertisement.

I’m similarly looking for a solution to this for Windows. My guy says something like an shortcut key app + HTTP endpoint to move the mouse 1 pixel or something.

I just tried this - same result for me (turns screen on - but doesn’t move past lock screen). I am beginning to wonder if this is a software update problem. I wonder if something changed

I can’t find it either

So i got this working in two different methods. Found the turn screen plugin in my archive of files from my years of playing with automation. Installed motion detector, installed the plugin, at it works. I have no lock screen setup, just a 15 second screen display time out.
The second way again I used motion detector, installed tasker, installed the tasker secure settings plugin, setup a new profile that triggers on receive intent with org.motion.detector.ACTION_GLOBAL_BROADCAST, Then I created an action, chose plugins and secure settings, selected action of wake screen, picked 10s, on the main screen of the secure settings wake command I selected timeout of 10s, saved it all, and it works also.

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Hey Mark,

Based on your code, I assume you don’t have a lock screen (swipe to unlock), correct?

Edit : here is the steps from android.stackexchange
Just to let you know I have some up with a simple solution it combines an app from the app store called Motion Detector by jastrzab: Then install a plugin called Turn Screen:

Install both apps.
Open the Motion Detector app and turn on “Send” at the bottom of settings. Click on motion detector (at the top) and then scroll down to “camera” and select “front”.
Open the Turn Screen app. click the only button to make it active.
Open android settings, Turn off the lock screen or select “none”.
Change the sleep settings to time out in the desired time.
Turn off Daydream.
Open the app (or home screen) you want to have displayed on the screen when the tablet wakes, and you’re all set! Wait for the screen to go to sleep and walk by or wave at your camera and it will wake it up.

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Excellent! Every link I clicked was down…thank you, Ray!

This will work great for those with the non Fire-OS devices. I believe the lock screen ads code is what is causing problems for me. I was able to remove the actual ads, but I cant find anywhere in the settings that allows me to remove/disable the lock screen in general.

Correct, no swipe to unlock

Hi Mark, do you have tasker do anything else once the motion detection has done it’s thing? I’m trying to get it to open the SmartTiles URL using Browse URL except it triggers that everytime there is movement even if actually using the device and already on the SmartTiles page.

I only have tasker setup to turn on the screen, then turn off after 15 seconds. On the main screen I have the URL open already in chrome, so its there by default.

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Hey, I just saw this thread when roaming around, and laughed…I started a thread about this in November / same month this thread started. If only… lol :slight_smile:

In my use case, I wanted to have the trigger be completely external to the Android; like a motion detector in the room to trigger turning the wall-mounted dashboard screens on (wake), etc (for exactly what your title here says).

Anyway, how is your solution working out? Any progress reports?

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Using Tasker, MotionDetector, and SecureSettings, the motion-detected opening of the screen works. But it takes forever for the screen to go back to sleep, even with 10 second settings.

If anyone knows the key to this dilemma, I’d be grateful

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I have mine turn off pretty quickly. My settings:
I have display off 15 sec
Turned off lock screen

Tasker set to
secure settings plugin for wake 15 s.
Wait function 15s
Lock screen function

the last 3 items above are part of my taser action that happens on motion intent

On my iPad I use Hey Seri and just say Hey Seri open Firefox and the screen with my dashboard is open. Or I could open SmartThings.

In my case, I had the same problem. So, I just created a separate rule (I’m using Rule Machine for this, but don’t even think of going in and working on anything like that until the current SmartThings instability problems are taken care of) to turn the screen back off after x-minutes of inactivity.

Also, since I found it impossible to get the timing and everything to work out the first way, I added virtual switches into the mix in order to help with the part about turning screen back off.

I can share specific rule configs with you if you want. Let me know.

I’m re-thinking the approach.
I want the CPU awake and running at all times.
I want the network and bluetooth awake and running at all times.

Ideally, I would want the screen

  • dim when not being used
  • bright when I walk up to it
  • password-protected for particular apps, such as Smartthings.

Not an expert on android here. Any feedback would be welcome. I tried different launchers, but they don’t seem to help - and in fact, the Smartthings/Sharptools icons get messed up in, for example, the Go launcher.

For the CPU, WiFi and Bluetooth always on part, I would use my method. Only my screens turn off (after my defined period of motion inactivity, cancelable by further motion, timeout resets. CPU, WiFi and Bluetooth are all always on (which is how I’m able to feed them motion triggers from SmartThings in order to wake the screen; again, only the screen is ‘asleep’).

For the screen ‘dim when not being used’ part, I would do what I’m doing (screen always off until triggered by motion in the room, sensed by an external motion detector); why have the screen on all the time, wasting electricity, if it’s not necessary (clearly, when it’s ON, the screen is the biggest user of electricity on an Android device)?

For the ‘bright when I walk up to it’ part, my method works flawlessly, as long as the whole SmartThings system is stable.

For the password protected apps part, I would simply use an ‘App-Locker’ app.

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