Always on Tablet to monitor status?


(Joel Nylund) #1

Hi, I would like to have a tablet that sits in my bedroom that is always on showing the status of everything in the house. Things like SmartTiles and SharpTools seem like good tool options. My question, does anyone suggest any good hardware at a fair price? I think my key thing is to have it not go to sleep or turn off and not use a ton of power. Also any downside to keeping on all the time? is it going to wear out my sensors any sooner?


You will find a lot of good discussion in the following threads. By the way, I think quite a few people use an option where the tablet comes on when someone walks near it. That doesn’t work for all use cases, you may prefer to have it on all the time, but it’s another option to consider.




Also, It will wear out your tablet screen sooner to have it on all the time, but it won’t affect your SmartThings end devices if that’s what you were asking.


Oh, for some use cases one more possibility in the US is to get a $20 wifi capable no contract phone from Walmart. Some people use this as a nightstand option. Here’s a nice display option (from @Navat604) that presents just a few key status tiles.

(Larry) #5

I use cheap nexus 7’s and mounted on wall with wireless charging.

(Ray) #6

Same as Larry, I also have my nexus always on for over a year now with no problem running Smarttiles. I have Twilight dimming app for auto dimming. I also have motion detection on for other tablets around the house but this is the main one and always on.

(mytaytay) #7

Hi Ray-

Would you mind sharing where you bought the case /mount for the (pictured) Nexus tab, if you recall?


(Eric) #8

kinda like leaving a faucet running all the time.

(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #9

I picked up a couple of 7 inch kindle fire gen 5 tablets. If you turn on developer mode, a new option shows up to stay on while the USB power is connected. It keeps the display on and doesnt go to the lock screen. The have worked great for my displays.

(Ray) #10

Leave it on or motion on actually used the same amount of power with the nexus. Don’t know about other tablet. I actually have this monitor for 30 days with an Aeon smart plug. It’s the reason why I have it on instead because of power saving with dimming at night. Also auto on motion doesn’t work very well with low light. You are right about wasting energy but definitely not like running water. Maybe I have solar power? :wink:
Sorry @mytaytay, it’s a custom mount made by a machinist friend awhile ago with a piece of aluminum. You won’t find it around but I think there is a 3D print mount with an Amazon fire by a community member. Maybe @N8XD has this?

(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #11

I have a mount that came from Amazon, two little clips that use command strips. A bunch of folks sell the same thing, some for more some for less cost.

I too disagree with the running water thing…since it costs only $0.70 a month to keep it on. Double check my math. 7 watts x 730 hours a month = about 5 kw/h/mo x $0.14 a kw/h…about 70 cents/month right? I imagine just the simplicity of making sure one LED light is off because you don’t have to get up out of bed and walk to the other side of the house to turn it off offsets the total cost of powering the control panel.

(mytaytay) #12

Thanks to both of you for thoughts on a mount. I know there’s a lot out there for options but appreciate the feedback.