$42 kindle fires

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…this motion detector settings…[/quote]

with what motion detector settings?

TWENTY!!! Good Lord your house must be HUGE!!!

actually , i will send some of them back. but i want also to have my arlo cameras running on another tablet :smiley:

is hard to setup, but working.

the tablet recognizeme 2-3 meter before approching. and is turning on the screen.
when smarttiles is back online i will setup that it will be shown directly.

Are there any android / tasker experts here?

i have now the following setup:

I have used rootjunky to remove the ads and install google play store.
i have installed tasker and setup that the display will turn on when i’m approaching.
i have installed a no frame webbrowser and setup the smarttiles.click configuration.

What is missing:

  • i cant disable the keyguard (i dont want to swype)
  • webbrowser with smarttiles.click should open instant when i’m approaching.
  • Only during specific time (not in the night)

if someone can help me with that i could write for everyone a manual how to get a $30 tablet with instant smarttiles :slight_smile:

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The thread below discusses such options. However, I haven’t seen a way to disable the lock screen on the new Fire tablet without installing a custom rom.


thank you. doesnt work because of fire os restrictions.

i think that i need to install CyanogenMod or buy me a real android tablet.

but then already with proximity sensor…

Wow. I just finally got one of these recently. Is this a known thing?..we can’t disable the lock screen on these without rooting, etc?

I haven’t even opened the Fire packaging yet, because I have too many other things going on, but wow…very interesting. I mean, if it’s just a matter of rooting, fine (because I will be doing that anyway in order to implement some of the things I’ve seen around here, etc), but if it also requires a different ROM, that’s crazy. Still doable, of course, but just seems so strange…and arbitrary…and awkward. lol

If I get to it before I hear back a definite response, I will test some things and let you know, but I assume this must have been discussed already. I just can’t look around right now…

Welcome to Amazon’s world. Their devices have ads on the lock screen, unless you pay to get rid of them, or con them to remove them. Even, then not sure if you can actually disable it. Just root and flash CM. These tablets are FAR better with CM vs the crap Amazon Fire Android.

sorry if this has already been posted in here (REALLY sorry if it was me), but…

Just wanted to give an update on my finished project. Thanks to all for the inspiration and help.

My tablet lives in the garage and will serve primarily as a wireless pool controller and stereo controller while we’re out in the yard and by the pool. Since I have kids that drop things and splash around constantly, I wanted a case on the tablet. Alas, there are no available waterproof KIndle 7 2015 cases. So I found what looked like the next best thing - the Fintie Fire 7 2015 Case - CaseBot Tuatara from Amazon. Super rugged and most important, it includes an integrated screen protector.

The magnets weren’t strong enough to hold the weight of the tablet + case on the wall, so I drilled into the case and mounted the magnets within the plastic - then sealed it all with super glue and clear nail polish. I plugged up the camera, microphone, and speaker holes in the case with black Sugru. I haven’t tested its waterproof-ness, but have reasonable belief that it’s at least very splash-resistant but probably wouldn’t survive a swim.

I used a double gang blank wall plate with eight magnets in a cross shape so the tablet will stay very secure in either horizontal or vertical orientation. Eight magnets behind the wall plate; 12 magnets in the case (the outer ones of the X are doubled so they can be flush with the face - the recesses of the case necessitated that) - it has a satisfying/reassuring grab onto the wall but comes off easily.

The wall plate is centered on the wall, but the short ribbon cable on the induction charging coil forced the center of the coil and thus the magnets to be offset toward the top of the tablet. So it’s centered in the vertical orientation, but not horizontal. Oh well.

Looks super sweet with CM 12 running and Motion Detector sees me when I walk up to light up the screen. Pentair pool controller and Sonos stereo system controller running front and center.

I would have included more pictures but as a New Member I am apparently not allowed to…

Again, thanks for the help.



Definitely post more pics. Looks very nice

Here’s a shot of the finished inside of the case after filling the holes with Sugru. Again, the X configuration of the magnets gives the option of vertical and horizontal placement on the wall, but definitely needs the double-gang wall plate in order to fit the induction coil in the middle. The center four positions are single magnets; the outer four are two magnets stacked on top of each other in order to sit flush with the back of the case since the back is not flat. The Sugru blends in pretty well with the case and makes a watertight seal.

The receiver coil is just taped to the back of the back of the tablet. I had originally thought to have the magnets just glued to the back of the case, but that added too much distance between the coils to charge properly.


The double gang plate is big but looks clean. I had access to the garage attic so just ran a long high quality USB cable down from a 2A charger plugged in up there - therefore no high voltage within the walls. I bought a nice Anker Kevlar cable and an Anker PowerPort 2 charging brick. I wanted to use high quality components to decrease the chances of anything bad happening (overheating/sparking) in the wall or in the attic.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m very happy with how it turned out. Maybe the one issue is that there’s still a little bit of tackiness on the nail polish that will hopefully disappear as it cures even more. The clean tablet back with the magnets hidden would certainly be ideal but I couldn’t get it to hold on the wall not matter how many magnets I stacked together.

The fact that the magnets have a diameter of exactly 1/2 inch made drilling easy with the magnets fitting perfectly into each hole.



Besides getting smarttiles installed and using as a dashboard for smartthings. Is there any other types of setups people are using? This is my first android tablet so wondering what else can be acheieved. looking forward to getting setup with tasker and motion.

LANnouncer is another great one to use on this, especially if you have an Amazon Echo.

You can connect it to the Echo via Bluetooth and then play recordings and announcements over the Echo’s speaker when things happen. It can run in the background, just leave it open and then open SmartTiles on top of it.

I have one of the Kindle Fire HD10 tablets mounted on the wall and use it for 3 things: LANnouncer, SmartTiles, and my Anova control center.

busily Googling “Anova control center”…

EDIT: :confused:

It’s the Anova Sous Vide cooker.

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  • Secure Tools: To wake the device when I touch it. By wake I mean the screen dims after a set time. Touching it makes it go bright. I use the developer option to stay awake while plugged in so I never have to worry about the locks screen. But I do allow it to dim to conserve backlight life.

I can not find an app named Secure Tools, anyone know about this app?