How do you reset SmartThings, remove all devices and apps, and start over?

I set up Smart Things a few years ago and I got carried away with adding many many devices and smart apps. Over time,several devices have quit working and/or lost their connection to the Smart Things V2 hub. Rather than try to fix everything, I’d like to just start over from scratch. How do I do that?

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I am thinking of resetting mine… the most annoying thing about my current set up is that my Phillips Hue hub is on there twice so I have duplicate devices. The biggest thing that I am worried about is whether I can reinstall some custom device handlers. The main one I am concerned over is the Mi Connector I have working with my Xiaomi gateway. It has been pretty reliable and I have most of my zigbee sensors set up through that. I’ve had my SmartThings set up since about 2017 and it has gotten a little messy so figure a full reset would be a way of tidying things up?

I have completely reset several hubs over the years and each time it has corrected any problems.

to reset/delete a hub you must go into the IDE and delete all devices (zigbee and zwave), which is the fasted way. note that when you go to include the previous zwave devices they must be excluded first. the easiest way to do this is with a minmote. minimotes are long discontinued, but you can usually find them on ebay.

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So I’ve reset my v2 hub by holding the red button down at the back. I’ve gone into the IDE and it is being a pain trying to delete devices :frowning:
To my knowledge, I don’t own any Z Wave devices…

I’m thinking- would the easiest way be just to ignore my old Smartthings account and set up a new one?

I have been putting this off for so long as I thought it would be a painful and time consuming faff. I love home automation when it works but when something goes wrong or is not straight forward, it can be stupidly stressfull!

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V2/V3/WiFi Hub


Some further details on removing devices