Revert SmartThings to Default and Brief Debugging/Solutions


I’m currently looking for a guide (if there is one out there) for essentially reverting my V1 hub back to original default settings and wiping everything with an easy method of removing all devices/modes/rules/etc so that I essentially have what is considered a brand new hub that nothing was set on it! I do realize that this process is going to be extremely painful and not fun at all but I feel like I’m left with no choice as I just want my hub functioning again.

Hub State

As it might be known to some of you, my hub is probably in one of the worst states out of anyone. The only thing out of tons and tons of devices that actually works successful is a few lightbulbs and a motion sensor and no joke that is about it. I have submitted a support ticket however, but since others have mentioned they have support tickets in for over a month, I have decided to take these matters into my own hands as I simply don’t have the time to wait for what feels like maybe forever :frowning:. I know this isn’t the best path forward as it could screw up any data analysis the support guys are doing but like I mentioned I can’t wait forever and I need to try at least something and chances are my ticket is so low on the priority chain that they probably only spent 5 minutes on it if that, so just being realistic with my options.


In terms of debugging I have so far noticed the following outstanding issues…

  • Ever since SmartThings introducted the V2 hub, my V1 hub has been malfunctioning. With that, I’m taking a wild guess that perhaps my V1 hub got severely corrupted when the new updates/version were pushed and thus maybe broke my hub.
  • If I go to the developer site (aka graph.api) and look at my location, then the longitude coordinate is completely the opposite of what it should be meaning it should be a negative coordinate not a positive so according to SmartThings it thinks my position is on the other end of the earth but yet the Timezone is displayed corrected.
  • Also in the developer site under my location, the weather (aka sunrise/sunset) is completely off big time which is most likely bundled under the same issue as the coordinates.
  • If I check the hub status in the phone app by clicking that chat bubble in the bottom toolbar then it only states that it ever only runs the Night routines irregardless of when it even reaches the incorrect sunrise/sunset times listed in my locations section so no routine besides night ever gets ran even when that incorrect sunrise time is reached which should at that point transition to the Day routines.
  • Also in the phone app, all the events that triggered state changes on my various devices are now gone and missing which also points to a data corruption. To make matters more confusing, the few lights that are turned on by a motion sensor are somehow triggered by an event which I cannot see in the app so for some reason that is still functioning even though my lightbulb devices show no smart apps associated with them.

The above is just initially scratching the surface but wondering if anyone else experienced the issues I have?

Potential Solutions

I’m assuming, although I wouldn’t want to try it if I’m not 100% sure it’s the correct button to push (hence wondering community feedback) but in the developers site…

  • I can delete my location under the “My Locations” page if need be
  • I can delete my hub under the “My Hubs” page if need be
  • I can delete my devices one-by-one under the “My Devices” page if need be as I don’t see a delete all button for some reason
  • I can delete anything under “My Smart Apps” and “My Device Types” as well

Per what I mentioned in the Overview section above, I really couldn’t find a button that would delete everything, wipe all from scratch to start again.

Just to add, I have already done the basic troubleshooting steps of course which always includes rebooting hub, removing the app from the phone, reinstalling, etc, etc to no effect.

I know there are others that have done this procedure or part of it so just wondering your opinions or feedback.


This is it:

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Contact support to delete your Account and remind you of your Welcome Code.

Z-Wave exclude can clear up any include problems in the new account.

Not sure what state physical ZigBee devices will be in.

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Thanks @sidjohn1 and @tgauchat, sounds like it’s gonna take several hours for the whole process so i’ll give it a try tomorrow. Not a 100% guarantee but better than playing a long waiting game with support I guess haha. :smile:

If you have an alternate email address (if in Gmail you can just append then you can create a BRAND NEW Account using the mobile App.

First delete the Hub from current Account and make sure you have the Welcome Code to add it to new Account…

Yea that might be a better idea as I’m very hesitant at contacting support as I don’t want to wait again!

I’m imagining the “Welcome Code” is what was found in the box with the hub? It’s been well over a year or so so just trying to remember where I put that code haha.

Yes… But I can’t guarantee it will work again without possibly needing Support intervention. Hope it works… I’m sure some people have tried.

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No worries, I understand hehe! Thanks for the help and heads up! Doing anything is better than nothing at this point! :smile:

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