Starting Over...where do I start?


Have you had to start over? My Hub died, and ST is sending me another. I literally have no idea where to start. Do I delete a device one at a time so I can rename it the same thing? I don’t want to lose my apps, or how I have them setup. I have been thinking about this since it happened on Friday and I just feel so scared and lost as I can find no guidance online as to where to start.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #2



Thank you so much for the direction and the link… I am overwhelmed right now with the thought of doing this.


No worries @jgirvine. Be sure to reach out for any help.

(David P.) #6

My hub went belly up after just a couple of days being online :confused: Going through the same pains in a couple of days when the replacement arrives.