How do you delete a ADT Door & Window sensor from ADT ST Hub?

I can’t delete a ADT door sensor from my ADT ST Hub. I was able to deleted the sensor on my phone app but it still shows up on the ADT Hub. The Hub says it lost supervision of the sensor and I must bypass it every time I arm it. The problem is if I’m away using the phone app there’s no way to bypass the disable sensor. So I can’t arm the system!???
Does anyone know how to delete the sensor from the ADT Hub?
Already tried the following:

  1. Reboot using Groovy.
  2. Reset by removing battery from Hub.
  3. “Secure Mode” on.
  4. Reinstalling sensor. (won’t reinstall)
  5. Called SmartThings support line was told problem would be escalated (never called me back).
    Help Please,

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Has anyone resolved this problem? I am having EXACTLY the same issue! Would really love some assistance!

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