ADT Smartthings, temporarily exclude door and window detector from security?

I had an issue that I originally posted this thread about, but resolved on my own. Here is the issue and the solution.

The issue: My main AC unit at home is in its death throes, and my AC guy can’t get it fixed for about a month. (Still LOTS of Hurricane Harvey work going on here!). My final ADT Door and Window detector came in and I wanted to install / test it as it was an Ebay buy (the seller is one of the folks that snatched up the $4.99 Best Buy bargains)…

The problem. To keep the master suite cold enough to be comfortable to sleep in, I need to use, at least temporarily a window unit AC that I borrowed out of our camper in this specific window. Now the sash will lock open at any position due to the tpe of sash locks it uses, but the sensor will be in the open position. Thus the alarm would stay in a not ready to arm state, which is unacceptable. I either leave the sensor out, or I exclude it from the alarm somehow…

I found my solution in the classic app. I am going to document this as if it was an already existing sensor that needed to be excluded, say the AC conked out after the system was in place and not a new sensor…

NOTE: This is for the ADT SmartThings Security Hub with the ADT /. ST dual branded sensors, I can NOT attest to any other sensors or the non ADT hub with Smart Home Monitor… AND I am using ADT Tools 2. Also insure the system is disarmed when you are making your edits.

Step #1. Open the classic app.
Step #2. Tap the > on the Home Security Title Bar. Security Manager will come up. If it doesn’t take a step back and start over.
Step #3. Tap the gear in the top right corner to launch teh Security Settings screen.
Step #4. Tap the sensor you want to exclude from monitoring.
Step #5. Under Security Zone for this Device heading, tap the > on the far right of Use Device For row.
Step #6. Tap the No Response Radio button and tap Save in the upper right hand corner. You will be prompted ao either CANCEL or CONTINUE, Tap CONTINUE.
Step #7. Tap < on the left of the sensor security settings box.
Step #8. Tap Done.

Your sensor is now excluded from triggering alarms. Any open / close activity will be logged and notified, but will not trigger an alarm.

Hopefully this helps folks trying to do what I was doing to keep my security online. And a note. I am not worried about anyone getting through that window with the window unit in place. It is bolted down from inside, and the sash locks in place at any height… If they managed to get through it would be by breaking ALL of the glass out, and wigging through, a feat only a fairly small person could do, and at that, there will then be a 4’ drop to be able to stand on the toilet… Fairly daunting task. I don’t worry too much about olympic gymnasts burglarizing my house…

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You can also configure sensors for bypass from the alarm. That be a bit more temporary then you were thinking