Ghost sensor on ADT Smartthings Hub - Need help to fix

I’m setting up a new ADT/SmartThings hub with various sensors. After the initial installation, the hub would periodically lose supervision of Sensor 2, and cause an error preventing the system from arming. The problem is, all of my sensors were accounted for–there was no Sensor 2. It is a ghost (phantom) sensor.

I then tried a factory reset of the hub. After setup I connected no sensors. Despite connecting zero sensors, the hub still shows the ghost Sensor 2, and it throws and error when it loses supervision of this ghost sensor.

I called SmartThings support, and I was told they are aware of the issue. They said “there is a fix, but there’s not a fix”. The guy couldn’t/wouldn’t elaborate. He said someone would call me back within a few days, but I’ve heard nothing, and I’ve been unable to get support on the phone since (wait times over one hour).

I welcome any input anyone can offer. I really would like to get this functioning correctly. Any ideas?

I had this exact same problem last month. Even after the factory reset, this device was still present on only my ADT panel. I do know if you can get your ticket escalated to the next level support, they are able to remove the device on their side. However, in my case it took a few weeks before I was notified that the device was removed. I ended up returning my panel and getting a replacement from where I bought it. I set up an entirely new location to make sure this device was gone. I really couldn’t wait since my panel would constantly beep to notify me of the loss of supervision and the bypass only muted the notification temporarily.

Thanks. I’m glad to hear it is repairable. I’m on hold with phone support now. If they can’t fix it I’ll try to exchange it–it was purchased directly from Samsung so hopefully they’ll be accommodating.

Update: I actually was able to talk to someone in tech support. Contrary to what the last tech rep told me, I should not have done a factory reset on the hub. They claim because of the reset the hub cannot be repaired, so they set up an exchange. I find their explanation dubious, but at least things are going in the right direction.

So, I bought one of these second hand, and am having the same issues. What are the chances support will help me out. I have no warranty, and do not have an ADT subscription of any sort.