How do I update network settings for SmartThingsHub v3

I need to update the wifi network that my Hub v3 connects to, but can’t find that option. Any ideas? Do I need to force a firmware update to get that option? How do i do that?

I guess the answer is still the reset procedure

You can try these steps.

  1. Disconnect power to your Smart Home Hub and wait for your hub to go “Offline”.
  2. If you previously had your Smart Home Hub connected to Ethernet, make sure that you have the ethernet cable disconnected now.
  3. Open SmartThings app
  4. Locate the Hub in your SmartThings device list, if it isn’t listed “Offline” yet, wait for your hub to go offline.
  5. Tap on the Hub tile to open up your hubs page.
  6. Tap on More Options (3 dot icon) at the top right.
  7. Tap on “Information”.
  8. Tap on “Update WiFi information”.
  9. Connect your Smart Home hub to power.
  • Regardless of the LED state at this point (blinking blue, solid blue, or other LED colors, push forward with step 10 (next step).
  1. Press and hold the RESET button on the back of your hub, when the LED lights up yellow, release the reset button.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your WiFi.
  • Scan the QR Code / or manually input the SN code. (Both the QR Code or SN code are located under the hub).
  • Press “Connect”
  • Select your WiFi and enter its password.

Setup with Wired/Ethernet connection but want WiFi

Are you saying the “Update Wifi Information” link is only available if the hub is offline? You can see from my screenshot that there is no such link (but it was currently online).

That is what Aeotec support is saying. I have not tried it as I don’t have your problem.

Correct, strangely it has to be offline first.

Thanks, guys. While I did not go down this path, I was able to confirm that it was not connected to the wifi router that I was trying to retire. I powered down my old mesh router, and the Hub is luckily still connected. Thanks guys.

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Thank you! this worked for me - Sept 19th 2023