Can’t reset SmartThings hub V3 - won’t update


I have a SmartThings hub that I cannot connect to my home network. I have carried out a hard reset (held reset button in, flashing yellow LED, removed when static) and have been able to see the hub via my phone and connecting directly to it using the QR code and then using its bespoke WiFi.

I can enter my home WiFi password then it just hangs on “Registering” and “Downloading updates 0%” forever.

The WiFi drops on and off to the device but when I reconnect to the SmartThings hub it just says “paused”

Can I update the firmware using usb or does anyone know of anything I could try?


Have you tried connecting the hub by the ethernet port, registering it and allowing it to update? Then switching it to wifi after that process has completed.

You can’t update firmware by usb.

its generally a bad idea to try updating any device’s firmware via wifi as if it drops during the update it could brick the device.



Got it updated on Ethernet but want it to run on WiFi. Is there a way to set it up on Ethernet then switch it to WiFi without a hard reset?

Thanks again :grin:


When I hold the reset pin down after removing the Ethernet (solid green), it just goes from a slow flashing yellow to a brief solid blue, no matter what I do.

Can’t seem to get any of the led options as stated in the post?

Tried whilst flashing to connect using SmartThings app but just get bombed out as it “needs a reset”?

Hard to believe this is such a difficult step😞

Thanks again for all your help. Appreciated!