How do I turn off SHM in the new app?

I had to recently completely reset and reconfigure my Smartthings setup, and I figured I should start using the new app. However, the new app is missing a bunch of settings I used in the Classic app. I can’t figure out a way for my SHM to automatically arm/disarm based on presence in the new app. Only thing I can find is to have it send me a reminder to arm or disarm. It also doesn’t give me an option to have my Arlo cameras record when an alarm is triggered like the Classic app. I figured I should just go back to using the Classic app because it did everything I wanted it to. However, I now can’t figure out a way to turn off SHM in the new app. I don’t want them to have conflicting automations. When I turn off SHM in the new app, it doesn’t give me an option to save the settings and it stays on. Anyone have any ideas or has anyone else run into this issue?

Smartthings has changed their design philosophy for security features and there is no longer any way at all to arm/disarm SHM in the new app except by manually opening the app and doing it there. There was a similar change for the control of smart locks. This isn’t a bug or missing feature: it’s the way they’ve decided to do things now.

See the following thread (the thread title is a clickable link)

Thanks thats helpful. Im just trying to figure out a way to not have STSC monitor at all and to turn it off completely so I can just run it in Classic. I’ll take a look at your link to see if its in there.

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Delete it from your automation list in the new app.

Go to installed automations, not create new. Then choose delete from the menu.

Boom there it is, thanks!!