How do I track down a notification in ST

I know how to look at the IDE and live logging but I can’t seem to track down this one notification.

I looked at my presence devices. I’m sure it is easy but I am not seeing where to see notifications in message to track down this one.


There has to be a smartapp doing it. I don’t get these types of notifications on my presence sensors. Go into the device in the app and go to the third tab…Smart Apps. That will list all he smartapps associated with that device. That should help you track it down.

I agree I just don’t see which it is. I’ll go through them again

Well, I can’t help you there. How many do you have tied to your presence sensor?

Only two and neither have that as a notification. I’ll figure it out when I pull up the IDE on a computer instead of my phone

What type of presence sensor is it? Is it the ST one or a virtual one from a phone?

It is webCore

Is this a notification from the ST app or from the WebCore app. I had to turn off my webcore presence sensor because of terrible battery drain.

I am not sure. I’m just deleting and purging.

Okay. Then the next time it comes up, if you long press on the notification it will bring up the app that is causing it. If you have no smartapps connected to the presence sensor, then I don’t know what else to tell you. You can try deleting the sensor and re-adding it.
By the way…you are getting a lot more notifications than I do. Are you sure you don’t have some type of notifier app running?

I can’t long press on my Android. It brings up the app options for SmartThings.

Yes, then st is doing the notifying. You have to have a smartapp doing it because I don’t get anywhere near as many notifications as it looks like you get. Do you get notified ever time something changes?