Multiple false / weird notifications

I’ve had ST Hub for a while now and it’s been acting a bit weird lately. I had false notifications of door sensors when I was both at home and while we were away. I know it was false notifications since I had my neighbour check our place for us.

Also, I wake up in the morning with the presence sensor saying I had left and came back home multiple times.

Anybody has that happened to them? I feel like I can’t trust ST anymore…

Hey Bertrand,

Sorry for the trouble! There are a few things that can cause issues like these radio interference. Send us an email at and we’ll help you narrow down what’s happening.

I have had presence sensors telling me I was coming and going at all hours… until I put a USB powered Smart Motion Sensor in the garage. The presence sensor’s range is quite limited, and the Zigbee repeater in the motion sensor cleared up the false triggers. It has been weeks since I have seen one.

As for other false triggers, check the devices activity logs. If they were in fact triggered, the fault is not SmartThings, but the devices themselves (possibly range issues similar to to your presence sensor’s).

As for trusting SmartThings, my issue has been no notifications, significantly delayed notifications (10 minutes or more), and the hub going AWOL far too often, resulting in pretty much nothing working. I have been looking forward to them ironing some things out to improve reliability. We’ll see.

FWIW I was having my wife’s presence sensor randomly say she was coming and going. I changed the battery in her sensor and added a powered a motion sensor (repeater) in the garage about 20 feet away. Alas, last night for no reason the door unlocked at 22;00 and said she had just arrived home even though here fob hadn’t moved all night.

My garage is directly below the room with the hub, and I had problems. The motion sensor I added is literally 8 ft from the presence sensor in my truck (which is mounted on the driver side visor.

Emailed the support. They remotely updated the firmware of my hub. Hopefully it’ll help.

They also said to not put the hub near my router. Further than 2 feet from each other. There could be a conflict since they’re both on 2.4GHz frequencies.

I’ll see if it helps.