No app alerts (Jan 2023)

All my devices (contact sensors, tilt sensors, etc.) are getting state changes in the ST app (Android). As in, if I have the app open and stare at the screen I see them change. However, I no longer get any push notifications on alerts. All alerts are turned on in the app and in Android. I have even reinstalled the app, same issue,
Since the devices are changing states correctly, I assume it is not a device issue, but this started a couple of weeks ago and I have never had this before.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Any chance you were using a custom groovy smartapp to generate those alerts? All of those were shut down about a week ago.

And that includes “custom monitors“ in the official smartthings home monitor function. :thinking:

See the following:

Why Did My Integration/SmartApp Stop Working in January 2023?

No smartapps. Just simple device alerts. Appreciate the link though. If the devices were not changing states at all I would think it was a groovy or DTH issue but this is just odd. I might remove and add some devices and see what happens. Thank you.

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There has been the odd comment of late about push notifications not working, but what exactly are the alerts you aren’t getting notifications for? With the odd exception such as leak sensors, state changes on devices don’t result in notifications by default, there has to have been user action to configure an automation of some sort. That’s why @JDRoberts was asking about old apps that you might have been using. Not necessarily a custom SmartApp you installed yourself but one of those that were already published in the app.

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Were you using “Notify me when”?

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no unfortunately not

push alerts from the app itself. The banner alerst from the app “garage door has opened” “garage door has closed”. Android has app alerts enabled. ST app has all alerts enabled. And this also stopped right around January. I find it hard to believe ALL my devices broke at the same time. Namely contact and tilt sensors.