Smartthings find notification issues

Has anyone been able to stop the notifications on devices connected to Smartthings find ? Every time i open the ST app my tablets chime up with a popup about trying to be found

Turned notifications off on the tablet but it still chimes up, I can’t see any settings anywhere either within find or St tablet app to stop find notifications

OK after looking everywhere on how to stop notifications i found it although I feel ST need to take a look into this

If you have more than one device connected to find they are all listed at the bottom of the find map by little lookalike device icons

If you select, in my case a tablet but leave the St app at any point and return later, the tablet last selected chimes up , in my humble opinion this should not happen, the ‘find’ app should reset to nothing selected on return, only when the user speficaly selects a device should a request be sent to the device for location

That’s good to know, thanks.

Although there are three devices on my ‘Find’, two of them are in guest mode which Find doesn’t seem to recognise. Hopefully, should it ever start working, they’ll add a prompt so you can’t inadvertently trigger a find on someone else’s device, or at least deselect them as you suggest.

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Exactly Graham, there needs to be some form of user acceptance before the request is sent

I simply re selected my phone icon to stop the chimes on the previously selected tablet, but its not an obvious choice of interaction and the reason why I couldn’t initially stop it happening.