How do I test an Edge Driver on my Hub?

Hi Guys
I have been spending some time developing a basic driver for a device and now i want to actually test it on my hub.

I’ve inistalled the driver to my hub but now I’m stuck. Should I now see my device type as an option to add in the ST mobile app? The documentation is very unclear as to what to do to do once you have developed and installed the driver.

Any advice would be very welcome.
Cheers Hugh

Hi, @HughB!

No, after you install the driver, you need to go to Add device and click on “scan for nearby devices”.
Remember you can check more details of the execution of the driver and the messages from the device opening the logcat:

smartthings edge:drivers:logcat
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Perfect many thanks @nayelyz

Happy to help, @HughB!
I forgot to mention, just as a reference that the devices shown in the catalog are those certified by their manufacturers.
When we develop an integration:

  1. In the case of Hub-Connected devices, the current option is “Scan nearby”
  2. For Cloud-Connected or Direct-Connected integrations, we need to enter the option “My testing devices” which appears in “Device type” only when the developer mode is active