FAQ: List of Edge Drivers I’ve Already Downloaded?

How does one get a list of all of the EDGE drivers they’ve enrolled to or installed on their hub?

go to the Details screen for the hub, click the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen, select Driver

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If you don’t want to go device by device, you’re going to have to do it with the CLI using the smartthings edge:drivers:installed command.

You don’t need to. If you follow the suggestion of @jkp and go to the Menu --> Drivers for the Hub device in ST, you can see the full list.

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Yep, I see that now. When I first checked mine, my Driver menu pick was greyed out . . . not sure why.

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Thanks all, found it!

I thought there was a way to do it through web interface too? Or just the app?

only the app at this point

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Is this for the Android app? Maybe I don’t have the right version, but if I go to Menu, I don’t see a Drivers option. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place? Thanks.

When you open your hub in the ST app, click on the 3 dots in the upper right and look for Driver.

Thanks, but any time I see a three dot menu nothing gives me the options for drivers. Oh well. I figured out how to list them in the CLI. I was randomly adding drivers from all the collections available here and I hit the 50 driver limit so I’ve had to delete some that I’m not really using but SharpTools connected to some that I didn’t think were still installed so I need to get rid of them with the CLI.

The three dot menu will show you the driver being used for a device, as well as the drivers on your hub without needing the CLI. You can also manage the drivers and the channels you get these drivers from:



OK. I finally found the right place. I didn’t realize I needed to click the icon for the Home Hub device (which is in my Living Room). I was clicking everywhere else. Now that I found the right place I see all! Thanks!!