[ST Schema] In Developer Mode, can't I test adding a device with By device type when I add device?

When a developer tests in Developer Mode, it seems that when adding a device, it enters My Testing Devices and proceeds.

However, there is a user interface that selects the device type when linking products from other companies that are currently being distributed.

Is there a difference between entering and testing My Testing Devices and entering by selecting device type during discovery interaction?

Thank you.

Welcome to the SmartThings Community, @Sangmin_Kim!

The device integrations shown in “My testing devices” are those with a “Development” status, which means that only the developer and other members of the same organization can see them.
The devices that appear in other sections of the “By type” tab, for example, “Thermostat” are the integrations that were certified and published.

It will depend on the configuration of each ST Schema project because the one in “My testing devices” could be using a different URI.

Can you provide more details about your use case, please? Are you seeing unexpected behavior?