How do I stop the app asking me to rate it every time I try to exit?

App version: Android

Every time I exit the app it asks me to rate it. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

I’ve pressed the thumbs up, Dislike & No Thanks buttons but it still keeps asking me. It’s really, really annoying. I’ve cleared the cache (between these screenshots). I’ve reported it as a problem twice (never got a response).

How do I stop it?

Two screenshots 10 minutes apart.

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A week or so ago, which would have been with the previous version of the app, I was being asked every time I tried to scroll sideways to change between Rooms. It just gets obsessed. I hit ‘Dislike’ a few times and it lost interest.


I’ve now received a response to my second report I made (in the app) telling me to make the same report via my online account. Um, OK, bit annoying but I did this and I’ve now had a response that it’s been sent to the relevant department to be looked in to. Will update if/when I get a response.

Yup, mine nags the crap out of me every time i try and close the app, i have only ever tapped DISLIKE im sure its waiting for a ‘Like’ … which aint gona happen !


I keep getting this, too. It’s really annoying.
Has anyone found an answer yet?

Nope. The support ticket I raised went nowhere as they wanted logs but there was no logs to send them.

I posted a 1 star review on Play and they responded that it had been fixed. I updated the review a month later to say it hadn’t and they didn’t reply.

All I can suggest is anyone who get the problem leaves a one star review saying that the app keeps asking them to rate it so they are.