Privacy Policy Popup

Does anyone know the secret to not getting the privacy policy popup every other day? When I open the SmartThings app on either my iPhone or my iPad literally every other day I get the popup that asks me to agree to the “Updates to the SmartThings privacy notice”. I click on “agree” and the popup goes away. Then a few days later when I open the app the popup reappears. I have literally clicked on “agree” at least 15 times each on my iPhone and iPad. It’s getting old.
I have just agreed and also agreed and logged off then logged back into the account on both devices numerous times. What is the trick to make that popup go away?


From someone who gets the Agree pop up every other day on their iPhone —> I have no clue :frowning:

Uninstalling/Reinstalling did not resolve it


Thank you for responding! At least now I know I’m not alone with this problem. I hope someone knows how to fix it or Samsung gets it fixed!

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Seriously does anybody know how to stop this? I literally have to click on “Agree” every day on each device that I use the SmartThings app on. It is really getting old.

Since the latest update to the iOS SmartThings app that was pushed yesterday I have not experienced this issue again on either my iPad or iPhone. I am hopeful that the update fixed the problem.

What version do you believe fixed this because I have no update available and it still happens.

For me it was the most recent update which was to v 1.6.75-582 on my iPad. IIRC i had to force the update.

ST for iOS and I install updates as soon as they come out - still get these almost daily - so annoying!

This is still an issue for me. Have to open the apps and agree every day. And none of my routines or automations work until I do this. Very annoying. Need a fix asap

There was an iOS update (1.6.77) today…have you tried it?