How do I replace a z-wave switch?

These GE z-wave switches go bad, I’ve probably replaced 10 over the years. I would originally add the new switch I was replacing it with, get the network ID for new switch, remove switch from ST. Then change the switch that is bad to the new network ID, it would just simply replace that switch completely. So I wouldn’t have to redo webcore or any automations.

This is no longer working for me. When I add the new switch, it works but when I edit the device IDE, the type is just “placeholder” and there is no network ID. I’ve tried assigning it an ID and removing it, give old switch the new ID but it doesn’t work.

So is there a way to replace a z-wave switch without needing to redo all automations?
Or is there a way to fix a broken GE z-wave switch, its stuck in a constant flicking mode and is completely unresponsive.

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There’s no clean way to do it right now. You should email support to ask them to add that feature, including the ability to select the EDGE drivers for devices.