How to replace dead GE Zwave switch without having to set up automations again

One of my GE Zwave switches just got the dreaded flashing blue LED. I can’t even toggle it manually, so I think it’s dead. Is there an easy way to swap in a new replacement without having to set up automations again? This is a three-way switch nd I believe it’s the master and not the slave.

The switch is totally unresponsive, so I don’t even know how to get it off my app before adding the new replacement switch. Any ideas?

Sadly, no.

GE switch with LED is definitely the master side of a 3-way. The slave/add-on devices don’t have LEDs.

You’ll most likely need to use the IDE to delete the device.

I’ve never needed to replace a device, but what about the “Replace” function in the old app? (For as long as it’s around.)

Worth a shot but the few times I tried it, it didn’t work.

Before starting, use the IDE to get a list of the places the device is being used so you’ll know what you have to fix.

It’s a little iffy, but I was able to get it to work a few weeks ago. However it always helps to send in a feature request to so they can prioritize adding features to the new app. The more folks who ask, the faster it’ll get in there :slight_smile:



What you can do is to create a virtual switch which will be used to temporarily host the automations.

You will create the virtual switch.

You will assign the automations to the virtual switch.

Remove the old switch:

Add the new switch as an entirely new switch, no replace.

Move all the automations over to the new switch.


I just used the Replace function in the old app to replace a failed GE switch. It worked great!

However, the switch info in the IDE did not update. My old switch was a GE ZW4005 (Z-Wave). The new switch is a GE Enbrighten 46201-1 (Z-Wave Plus). The new switch still shows in the IDE as “networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE”.

Is there a way to update the switch to be recognized as Z-Wave Plus with S2 security? Or do I have to remove the switch from SmartThings, and re-add the switch to enable the S2 security?

I have not found a way to establish s2 encryption later other then removing and then reincluding the switch. S2 security inclusion appears to only be able to be established at the time of inclusion and scanning the barcode on the switch (or paper that comes with it sometimes) is required. If its included without scanning that barcode I don’t believe you can establish S2 security later without removing/re-including, which is a pain for setting up automatons again as pointed out. @JDRoberts definitely knows more about Zwave security. JD, do you know if its possible at all to establish S2 security later without having to remove and re-include?

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Not that I know of, automatically setting the security level is part of the inclusion process according to the protocol. If you could force change it that would open a new security vulnerability. But I don’t know if there are any other options.