How to replace dead GE Zwave switch without having to set up automations again

One of my GE Zwave switches just got the dreaded flashing blue LED. I can’t even toggle it manually, so I think it’s dead. Is there an easy way to swap in a new replacement without having to set up automations again? This is a three-way switch nd I believe it’s the master and not the slave.

The switch is totally unresponsive, so I don’t even know how to get it off my app before adding the new replacement switch. Any ideas?

Sadly, no.

GE switch with LED is definitely the master side of a 3-way. The slave/add-on devices don’t have LEDs.

You’ll most likely need to use the IDE to delete the device.

I’ve never needed to replace a device, but what about the “Replace” function in the old app? (For as long as it’s around.)

Worth a shot but the few times I tried it, it didn’t work.

Before starting, use the IDE to get a list of the places the device is being used so you’ll know what you have to fix.

It’s a little iffy, but I was able to get it to work a few weeks ago. However it always helps to send in a feature request to so they can prioritize adding features to the new app. The more folks who ask, the faster it’ll get in there :slight_smile:



What you can do is to create a virtual switch which will be used to temporarily host the automations.

You will create the virtual switch.

You will assign the automations to the virtual switch.

Remove the old switch:

Add the new switch as an entirely new switch, no replace.

Move all the automations over to the new switch.